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Shenzhen S-Shaper Garments Co., Ltd.
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Sản Phẩm chính: Shapewear, hàng may mặc liền mạch, đồ thể thao, đồ lót, đồ lót, panty, nén chặt chẽ
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S-Shaper shapewear is to enhance your neutral beauty. Anny put her creativity and care into every piece she design. She love wearing S-Shaper everyday because it's so comfortable and gives her freedom of movement. It boosts her confidence and makes her happy. She hope you can feel the same way too.


S-Shaper believe that they can inspire women, bring beauty and love for all. No matter what you do or where you go...You can be more beautiful!





Anny and Louis are couple. They created S-shaper because of love and hoped to bring beauty and love to all women in the world.


After Anny had baby and couldn't find a shapewear that was comfortable and effective. They wanted to help mothers feel good about their bodies and themselves. Their journey is fueled by love and dreams, as they try to build a brand that represents love, inclusivity, and empowerment.