S-Shaper shapewear is to enhance your neutral beauty. Anny put her creativity and care into every piece she design. She love wearing S-Shaper everyday because it's so comfortable and gives her freedom of movement. It boosts her confidence and makes her happy. She hope you can feel the same way too.


S-Shaper believe that they can inspire women, bring beauty and love for all. No matter what you do or where you go...You can be more beautiful!




Anny and Louis have ushered in a lovely new baby. While Anny is happy Anny is also womied about her postpartum recovery because she want to get back in shape as soon as possible. Compared with the discomfort and suffocation caused by traditional shapewear, she beleves that every woman deserves a better ife experience, so she wanted to create this brand to achieve comfort, beauty and freedom. Her idea coincides with her husband's Louis is very distressed for his wife's pain during postpartum repair, but he has difficulty finding a very suitable product. He hopes that mothers in the world deserve the best care, so he strongly hopes to create this brand.